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Individual counselling

Begin the first steps to healing

I offer counselling online via telephone or video. Online counselling has become the norm for many clients since COVID-19 and lockdown and has become the preferred option for many. Counselling sessions begin with an initial assessment and follows on with either weekly or fortnightly meetings; A session lasts 50  minutes. Overall counselling sessions can run for as few as 1 or 2 sessions up to an average of 6 or more, depending on what you wish to work through.

 I work with adults aged 18 years upwards and the elderly, providing support for issues such as depression, anxiety, stress, loneliness, anger and work related issues. Christianity and belief are also a part of the service I offer, having worked with Christians going through situations which challenge their faith. 

Fees: Initial assessment and ongoing sessions are £45 per 50 minute session. 


Relationship counselling

Gain insight to developing and sustaining healthy relationships

Sessions last 50 minutes in total. I ensure an environment of safety and equity for both individuals, establishing ground rules at the start of counselling, which helps to reinforce boundaries of behaviour both within therapy and hopefully at home too. I use elements of Transactional Analysis and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy but from a person centred orientation. It's often surprising to clients the issues touched on in counselling; events which have long passed but were never really resolved. The drip, drip effect of never properly discussing past or present feelings of hurt, mistrust or betrayal, eventually spills over into your interactions with each other and often other relationships too. Coming to a mutual agreement as a couple and trying to understand why you may hold on to rigid views of the roles played in a relationship can be worked through with

relationship counselling.

Fees: Initial assessment and ongoing sessions are £55 per 50 minute session.

Modern Office

Issues Relating to Work

Feel empowered to take control of work issues

Work based problems can be a range of many things such as stress, lack of work life balance, bullying, harassment, intimidation or discrimination, or a break down in working relationships with colleagues. It may be you are ready for a change of career or facing redundancy. You may be off work poorly and looking to return or, teetering on the edge of going off poorly due to work or home pressures. Whatever the problem may be, I can help you to understand the mechanics of work processes and how best to manage what may feel like an impossible situation with the help of counselling you through to an agreed resolution.

You may be able to access free counselling through your employers well-being service or EAP.


Jennifer E Gilling

Counsellor & Cognitive Coach

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